Knowledge issues

If we want for students to understand essence of knowledge questions, we have to add to a discussion  one more part, dedicated to knowledge issues. The aim of learning how to formulate knowledge issues is to bring to light that magical connection which exists between us who are explorers of knowledge and the outer world.

But when mention this it is also important to add that we do not explore the world just in a manner of natural sciences, so to say, just with use of data, experiments and other sources for truth verification, characteristic for previously mentioned sciences. We urge to explore angles, corners, corridors and great halls of knowledge hidden in human relations, between individuals but in (or between) societies too. Let`s expand it to global scale! There is knowledge too! Knowledge was constructed somewhere, by some people, a long time ago. It is constructed today. After it had been constructed, it was a great chance that it was shaped or adopted for understanding in many different ways.  It is our task to explore this too. Some knowledge carries strength while other may bring on surface a lots of weaknesses. It is on us to learn what kind of different methods we can use in order to examine strong and weak points in some fact of knowledge. TOK separates knowledge issues in two groups, general knowledge issues and specific knowledge issues.

Students are advised to identify a range of knowledge issues in their presentations and essays.

According to the IBO, when formulate knowledge issues students have to take in consideration following:

  • they have to be open and about knowledge itself
  • they have to allow a possibility for developing a discussion
  • they have to allow a possibility for using multi – perspective analysis
  • they have to include in itself a range of terms of TOK vocabulary

Where we can find sources for generating knowledge issues? Everywhere.



Identifying knowledge issues

Understanding knowledge issues, the IBO (2009)


Click to access Knowledge-Issues-Matrix-IBO-Doc.pdf

Click to access Knowledge-Issues-Matrix-IBO-Doc.pdf



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